Unique Sakong

How good is your knowledge about Sakong Poker? You think you know everything about it but it is just the game only and you don’t know story behind it.

Former US President Loved Playing Sakong Poker

You think you know everything about card game especially Holdem and other similar types. However, what you know is basically just about the game but you don’t know anything about Sakong Poker behind it. There are so many stories behind and those made this game as popular as you know now. Some stories are unique and perhaps, you never imagine about it happened in the development of game.

Unique Fact: jackpot sakong Poker Paid The Congressional Campaign for Richard Nixon

Probably, you know if there are actors and actresses including public figures who love playing Sakong Poker as their own entertainment if they have no jobs. However, have you ever heard if a president loves playing card game? The fact is, Richard Nixon who was the former US president liked playing this world-famous card game. Nixon used the money he won from it for the first congressional campaign.

He funded the campaign by himself after winning the game along with former Navy colleagues and he earned around $6,000. Interestingly, he used that money not to play another card game but for his campaign. If he lost at that time, perhaps he didn’t have enough funds to run his campaign.

However, because of that, Nixon became the US President and thanks to Sakong Poker, he had enough money to run the campaign without taking other money which was not belonged to his.